Go Bet #2


Inspired by the original Go bet against Scott Roy, Dusty Leary has agreed to challenge the humans in a similar vein, by writing his own program to play matches against Will. It is expected that similar rules apply to Dusty's effort. (E.g., no use of any Go-specific open source library; all code must be written from scratch by Dusty himself in an ordinary programming language, etc.)

Final results: Dusty's program lost to Will in all three events, but beat Scott's program in the first event. Final stakes: $100 from Dusty to Don, and $100 from Dusty to Will.


This bet will be a limited three-event series. Each event will be separated by six months, and will take place at the same time and same location as the original bet against Scott's program. In total, Dusty could win up to a total of $400, and could lose as much as $300. On the side of the humans, Will Harvey will play the matches for the humans, and Will and Don will equally share the financial stakes for each game ($50/game for each of Will and Don).

For all of the games that Dusty's program plays against Will, Dusty's program will begin with a two-stone handicap, as long as it has not yet beaten Will. If Dusty's program ever beats Will, then for the next match in the series, Will will play as black with no handicap (along with the standard 6.5 point komi). Finally, if Will wins a game as black with no handicap, then in the next match Will will play as white and Dusty's program will play as black with no handicap.

Dusty is not permitted to collaborate in writing code with any other human. In particular, any communication about Go software between Scott Roy and Dusty Leary must take place in a public forum (e.g., in-person conversation during the Go matches, or on a public blog). In any case, no sharing of code between Scott and Dusty is permitted.

Event 1. Sunday, November 14, 2010, Will's house.
Two independent games, with independent stakes.

  1. Dusty's program plays (no handicap) against Scott's program. If Dusty's program wins, then Will and Don pay Dusty $100 ($50 each). If Dusty's program loses to Scott's program then nothing is owed to anyone (for this game).
  2. Dusty's program plays against Will. Will will play white, Dusty's program will play black with a two-stone handicap. If Will wins, then Dusty owes each of Will and Don $50 ($100 total). If Dusty's program wins, then Will and Don owe Dusty $100 ($50 each). In addition, if Dusty's program wins, then Will will wear a black dress to Event #2.

Event 2. Sunday, May 15, 2011, Will's house.

Event 3. Sunday, December 11, 2011, Will's house.


Event 1: November 14, 2010.

  1. Dusty's program vs. Scott's program
    Dusty's program (black) wins, 67 to 50.5 (= 45 + 5.5 komi). Will and Don each owe Dusty $50 (= $100 total).
  2. Dusty's program vs. Will
    Will (white) beat Dusty's program (black, 2 stone / 0.5 komi handicap), by ~147 points. Dusty owes Will and Don $50 each ($100 total). [Game record: sgf, pdf]

Net result: a wash, no money exchanged.

More details & photos.

Event 2: May 15, 2011.

Dusty's program played against both Will (stakes: $100), and Scott's program (no stakes). Dusty forfeited both games in the middle. Net result: $50 each to Don and Will ($100 total).

More details & photos.

Event 3: December 11, 2011.

Dusty's program played against Will (stakes: $100). Dusty forfeited at the end. Net result: $50 each to Don and Will ($100 total). [Game record: sgf, pdf]

More details & photos.


Wager agreed to on May 28, 2010 (and updated May 31, 2010) by

Dusty Learydleary @ gmail . com
Don Geddisdon @ geddis . org
Will Harveywillharvey @ gmail . com

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