Go Bet #2c


There was (and continues to be) an existing man-vs-machine lifetime Go bet against Scott Roy. In the same vein, Dusty Leary agreed to a similar challenge for Go Bet #2 and Go Bet #2b. This agreement, Go Bet #2c, is the perpetual extension of the previous two #2 Go Bets with Dusty.

Update, 11/24/2012: Joe Mathes (jmathes @ gmail . com) agrees to the same terms, and enters a parallel bet with Will and Don.


Events will take place at the same time and same location as the original bet against Scott's program. The first match will occur on November 25, 2012. On the side of the humans, Will Harvey will play the matches for the humans, and Will and Don will equally share the financial stakes for each game ($50/game for each of Will and Don, meaning $100 total risk per match for Dusty).

For all of the games that Dusty's program plays against Will, Dusty's program will play as white with a two-stone handicap, as long as it has not yet beaten Will. If Dusty's program beats Will once, then for all subsequent matches, Will will play as black with no handicap (along with the standard 6.5 point komi). Finally, if Dusty's program wins a game with no handicap, then in all subsequent matches Will will play as white and Dusty's program will play as black with no handicap.

Dusty is not permitted to collaborate in writing code with any other human. In particular, any communication about Go software between Scott Roy and Dusty Leary must take place in a public forum (e.g., in-person conversation during the Go matches, or on a public blog). In any case, no sharing of code between Scott and Dusty is permitted.

The same technical details that apply to the bet with Scott, will also apply to this bet with Dusty.

Buyout provision: If either side's (Dusty by himself, or Will & Don together) total net lifetime losses from this bet, equal or exceed $1000, then the loser has, at their option, the ability to "buy out" of the bet for a price of $100 (or $50 each to Will & Don). Such a buyout will permanently end this bet. It will be required that, upon executing the buyout, one more match (with standard stakes) will be played under this bet. Note that the buyout fee is in addition to the stakes that result from the outcome of that final match. Also note that the critical moment is the beginning of one of the Go matches under this bet. Once a match is in progress, any subsequent claim to execute the buyout agreement requires that match to finish (and the stakes to be awarded); another, "final" match to be played and stakes awarded; and finally the $100 cost of executing the buyout. For the purposes of the Buyout Provision, Dusty will receive credit for his losses under Go Bet #2 and Go Bet #2b: that is, as of October 19, 2012, Dusty's net lifetime losses from this bet begin at $300 (and Will & Don's joint net earnings begin at $300).

All results will be recorded in the result page for the original Scott Roy Go bet.


Wager agreed to on October 19, 2012 by

Dusty Learydleary @ gmail . com
Don Geddisdon @ geddis . org
Will Harveywillharvey @ gmail . com

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